What's on your playlist?


With everything going on these days, what is your escape? I feel like using that phrase from the Capital One TV ads, “What’s in your wallet?” Hmm, maybe I ought to pose the question, “What’s on your playlist?” For me, I have been diving into the Rolling Stones’ 1978 classic titled, Some Girls. That one has always been great for me on my neighborhood runs. Of course I always suggest anything from The Beatles catalog to get things going. Some folks say, yes to The Beatles for a running playlist, but a big no to post-Beatles-Beatles. I wholeheartedly disagree of course. Anything from the Wings or Paul McCartney solo years is good with me. Just crank up 1979’s “Old Siam, Sir” and I’m off to the races.

There are some tunes that I have been rediscovering of late. Tears for Fears’ greatest hits collections has been making its way back onto my playlists. Indeed we know about “Shout” and “Everybody Wants To Rule The World,” but there are a ton of singles that did well in other countries. “Raoul And The Kings Of Spain,” “Pale Shelter” and “Closest Thing To Heaven,” to mention a few, are real gems in their 2017 collection titled, Rule The World

Far too much has been going on this summer and as of this writing, it’s not even officially summer. Should we go with the label Summer of COVID? Well, that is highly unlikely with all of the other news that has been taking place.  I’ll leave “The Summer of COVID” or whatever else this will all be called, to others. 

So here we are again in the Southeastern United States attempting to stay cool again. Our HVAC units in our residences and vehicles are chugging along and so are we. “The show must go on,” as the saying goes. 

Speaking of “going on,” most places are coming back “online,” but not all businesses are all completely back like some of the Waffle House outlets nearby. Yeah, what’s someone like me who runs, goes to the Waffle House? It’s one of many guilty pleasures, I suppose. Plus I get a slight discount there since I am an Atlanta Track Club member. Don’t we all have guilty pleasures no matter what our main activities are, especially these days?  Of course, in due time, there will be more Waffle House units online. They recently received a boost in recognition when Vice President Mike Pence visited their headquarters. 

I’m quite happy to return to my favorite eateries to dine on their patios. My caveat is that the dining ought to be earlier in our summer days and in the shade. There are plenty of eateries where indoor dining is just fine, per regulations. Right now, it seems odd, but in due time, I think the public can adjust to the changes. With plenty of hope, those changes will dissipate. 

Let’s all hope that this summer will not be known as the Summer of COVID or anything else even more negative. Keep those positive thoughts going by remembering the SpaceX launch while indulging in your favorite playlists. 


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