Cabin Fever: A Talk with Folk Musician John McCutcheon

While many of us have been holed up during this pandemic, singer/songwriter/musician John McCutcheon took to his North Georgia cabin to create a batch of new material. The result: Cabin Fever, a collection of 18 spectacular songs featuring "Front Line," a tribute to the essential workers who have been keeping the world running while most of us have been sheltering in place. Speaking of staying in, "Sheltered in Place" and "Six Feet Away" truly capture what's taking place at the moment.

In this three-part interview, McCutcheon talks about how the peace and solitude of the cabin inspired him to create another well-done project in a short amount of time. From "My Dog Talking Blues" to "One Hundred Years," Cabin Fever is yet another McCutcheon masterpiece, his 41st release in 45 years.

In the discussion, McCutcheon speaks about this remarkable achievement as well. McCutcheon also dedicated a song to folk legend John Prine. He speaks about Prine and his genius in this discussion as well.

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To order Cabin Fever, go to, hit the "Buy Now" box for the new album, contribute monetarily what you wish to provide and then download to your favorite device. This is a "pay-what-you-will-album," a terrific new concept in our modern times.


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