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Video Interview: A Conversation With Drummer Liberty DeVitto

  On this episode of Tales From The Corners , I had the pleasure to speak with Drummer/Musician   Liberty DeVitto. Liberty recently released an autobiography which chronicles his life growing up on New York’s Long Island through his days drumming for some of the biggest icons in the music industry. DeVitto most notably drummed for one of the biggest solo acts in recorded history — Billy Joel . The book also details Liberty’s personal triumphs and setbacks.   In this episode, Liberty and I talk about those good times and the bad while having a bit of fun along the way. Please click the box below to view our conversation where we discuss the magic of the music and recount some of Liberty’s stories working with Billy as well as some other music legends including Sir Paul McCartney, Cyndi Lauper and Karen Carpenter.  

Escape from 2020

Photo from Morguefile/Cohdra Hurricanes, fires, COVID and plenty of unrest around the nation and world is what describes the year 2020. All of these unfortunate events are obviously unwanted and all seem to come together at once. It is bad, but like anything else, it could get worse. With that said, we cope -- or we at least try to cope. Some days, weeks or months are better and/or worse than others, but we continue to deal with the situations at hand. We either tackle them or we temporarily escape. Certainly, we would like to permanently escape the nightmares surrounding us, but there is no choice: we temporarily escape whenever possible. Whether it is zoning in while escaping in film or television programs, gaming, listening to music or exercising, we go off into our own little bubbles for a while, hoping that everything will indeed be, “okay.” While outdoor running is optimal for my escape, I see both the good and bad of society. The good is that nature is awesome. Whether a deer or

Autumn is full of allergies and active deer

Morguefile/MPatterson Just when you thought all was well with pollen season behind us, we now have the fall allergy season. That’s right. According experts, ragweed is the biggest culprit that causes allergies in autumn. It pollinates from mid-August through early October. Another cause of these seasonal allergies in mold, another frightful enemy in our environment. Outdoors, mold increases due to the falling leaves and indoors, it’s always a problem in bathrooms and for some of us, even the kitchens. Dust is another culprit, and like mold, that nasty stuff is a year-round menace. No matter how hard one tries, dust is tough to tamp down in our worlds. Those little mites really seem to love our electronics now more than ever. Outdoors the rain and wind exacerbate the problem thus making it all far worse for us. In the Southeast U.S., we typically associate allergies with spring, so it’s tough to accept allergies’ return in September and October.  Still, we muddle through the allergies w