Autumn is full of allergies and active deer


Just when you thought all was well with pollen season behind us, we now have the fall allergy season. That’s right. According experts, ragweed is the biggest culprit that causes allergies in autumn. It pollinates from mid-August through early October. Another cause of these seasonal allergies in mold, another frightful enemy in our environment. Outdoors, mold increases due to the falling leaves and indoors, it’s always a problem in bathrooms and for some of us, even the kitchens. Dust is another culprit, and like mold, that nasty stuff is a year-round menace. No matter how hard one tries, dust is tough to tamp down in our worlds. Those little mites really seem to love our electronics now more than ever. Outdoors the rain and wind exacerbate the problem thus making it all far worse for us.

In the Southeast U.S., we typically associate allergies with spring, so it’s tough to accept allergies’ return in September and October. Still, we muddle through the allergies with a bevy of suggestions on how to deal with them. 

From decongestants to immunotherapy, we do our best to reduce watery eyes, runny noses, sneezing and coughing. Theage of COVID is not helping matters as we need to refrain from touching our faces. Now, throw the common cold and/or 
flu on top of this mess, and we have a nightmare.

As the saying goes, it all seems like everything bad happens at once. The old “one-two punch”is naturally something 
that we all dread. It’s the inevitable in which we cannot stop. We have no choice but to deal with the “one-two punch.”
There’s no doubt that myriad techniques exist for us to cope with multiple issues.

On top of everything else, we’re encouraged to receive our flu shots earlier this year. Even though at the moment, temps are still summer-like, before we know It, that fall feeling will be upon us. Unfortunately, the cooler temps usher in the
months of the spread of flu and/or flu-like symptoms. I’m a big fan of getting ahead of the curve, so the shot will be early
for me.

The salt in the wounds is that the summer yard work for us extends well into October, if not November. That means 
dealing with the outdoor allergens even more.

While I’m on the subject of fall, the deer become even more active. It’s a fact that I try to keep in mind while driving, 
but there are those times when the deer leap out on to the roadways when I least expect. The closest incident I was in 
the autumn years ago in nearby Berkeley Lake when a deer was on the side of the road racing me. No, I did not come up with the idea. It seems that “Mama” was in a playful mood. Suddenly, “Mama" decided to cross the street. 
Luckily I had time to react to the situation.

I always look forward to autumn, especially in early September. By the time the humidity escapes our environment, I’m 
forever grateful.


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