Video Chat: An Evening With Jake Thistle

He conjures up a young Jackson Browne in style, but Jake Thistle is an accomplished musician/singer-songwriter in his own right. Jake joins me here in The Corners to talk about his latest release, Down The Line, a collection of awesome songs penned straight from his native New Jersey. Indeed fellow New Jersey natives like Bruce Springsteen inspire Thistle, it is Tom Petty who has the biggest impact on him. 

Some will claim that I'm "burying the headline here" by not first mentioning that Jake is a 16-year-old as I write this post. I beg to differ because Thistle wise beyond his years. In my honest opinion, the bigger headline here is that Jake is a top-notch musician who writes on a high level of quality. 

Click the the box below to view our conversation where Jake talks about the new project along with some amazing performances:


Cindy said…
Love this! I love Jake, he's such a great musician, singer, guitar-player, but more importantly he is an awesome human being.
@Cindy Thank you so much. Please spread the word. Wow, Jake just blows me away. I really mean it when I say that I would love to see Jake on SNL one day (or night in this case).

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