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An Evening with Jess

Join me as I speak with the uber-talented Jess! This Nashville-based artist speaks with me about performing and the art of songwriting. Jess stops by to talk about that and much more. We also are treated to a performance of her single "Betty Lou Lane." Click below for the full interview on YouTube:

The Incredible Myron Cotton

  He's 50% blues, 50% metal, but one thing is totally for sure, he's 100% COTTON.  Join us for an evening of talk and music with the incredible Myron Cotton . Hailing from the province of Alberta, Myron talks about writing new music, recording and live performances way up there in the Great White North. Click right here to watch.

Video Chat: Studying Billy Joel

  Professors Josh Duchan and Ryan Banagale edited an amazing book called We Didn't Start The Fire: Billy Joel And Popular Music Studies . I had the great honor to speak with these two distinguised professors for this special episode. In the chat, we talk about how a conference on Billy Joel's work led to the creation of their book. Check out the episode below: