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Photographer Chris Adkins

  This episode is more of a visual one. I speak with North Carolina-based Photographer Chris Adkins about his amazing portfolio of rich landscapes and cityscapes. Amazingly, this is my very first non-music-related episode. I have always been planning on expanding my talks beyond musicians when I set out to add a podcast/videocast to Tales From The Corners -- I have just been on a streak of musicians all this time. I do plan to have an even greater variety as I do this podcast. Click below for my talk with Chris:

Luke LeBlanc visits The Corners for a night of awesome talk and music

Minnesota-based artist Luke LeBlanc drops by The Corners to discuss his songwriting process, performing and those who inspired him including the great Bob Dylan. Click the box below to view on YouTube or visit Spotify or Spreaker to download the audio of the episode.

Brother Sam

In this week's episode, I speak with Atlanta's own Brother Sam. We have a great time talking about songwriting and performing. Sam also plays a few tunes for us. We also talk about how the pandemic has affected performers and the state of music venues. Join us for a great evening of talk and live performances by clicking the box below. Enjoy!

Chatting With A.J. Croce

Join me for a great night chatting with Singer/Songwriter/Musician Extraordinaire A.J. Croce about his latest release titled By Request.  This is an awesome album featuring songs that inspired Croce. You can purchase By Request  wherever you get your downloads and music or visit A.J.'s website by clicking right here. Check out the interview by clicking the box below: