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Maia Sharp

She wears many hats as an artist, songwriter and producer. She has worked with some of the music industry's biggest names including Bonnie Raitt, Art Garfunkel and countless other legends! Maia Sharp joins me in The Corners to talk about her amazing career as well as her lastest album called, Mercy Rising .  Click the box below to view our discussion. and now available on Tune-In:

Tiggi Hawke

  In this episode, I speak with the incredibly-gifted Tiggi Hawke. This UK-based performer, singer-songwriter talks with me about crafting energetic music, living in England, touring and much more. Check it out below:

A Talk With Consuelo Costin

I have a wonderful time speaking with Performer/Songwriter/Entrepreneur Consuelo Costin! Consuelo joins me for an evening of great talk about her amazing career including smash hit  singles "Body Needs," "Here We Go" and the recent, "I'll Be Home For Christmas."  Click below to watch our talk:

Actor Duncan Anderson

  Actor Duncan Anderson stops by The Corners to talk about his role as Dave on the hit HBO Max series, Genera+ion . We also talk about his career as an actor and DJ/Music Producer. Join us for a great and very interesting discussion. Click below to view