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Actor Duncan Anderson

  Actor Duncan Anderson stops by The Corners to talk about his role as Dave on the hit HBO Max series, Genera+ion . We also talk about his career as an actor and DJ/Music Producer. Join us for a great and very interesting discussion. Click below to view

Kendra Erika, #1 Billboard Artist/Singer/Songwriter/Performer Extraordinaire

The #1 Billboard Recording Artist joins me in The Corners to talk about her latest single, "Song of Hope," as well as her many past hits including "Self Control," "Avalanche" and many more. Click our box below to view or download the episode on Spotify or Spreaker. On those formats, just search for "Tales From The Corners."

Stephanie Phillips -- Singer, Songwriter, Musician

Singer/Songwriter/Musician Stephanie Phillips stops by The Corners for a great chat as well as some amazing performances. Click the box below to view the conversation:

Jussi Jaakonaho, Producer/Guitarist/Composer

This week, I speak with Jussi Jaakonaho. Jussi is an accomplished producer, guitarist and composer who released a solo album titled, Ghost Riot.  Based out of his Helsinki, Finland home studio, Jussi has been scoring film projects as well as starting to build new material for a future album. View our talk by clicking on the box below:

Nina Herzog

  From appearing in Sony Animation's "The Swan Princess" to singing with The National Symphony, Nina Herzog has accomplished quite a bit in the past few years. I have a great talk with Nina about those accomplishments as well as her brand new EP titled, Together Away . Order your copy today wherever you get music or through her website at iamninaherzog   I have an awesome talk with Nina. Please click the box below to view:

Photographer Chris Adkins

  This episode is more of a visual one. I speak with North Carolina-based Photographer Chris Adkins about his amazing portfolio of rich landscapes and cityscapes. Amazingly, this is my very first non-music-related episode. I have always been planning on expanding my talks beyond musicians when I set out to add a podcast/videocast to Tales From The Corners -- I have just been on a streak of musicians all this time. I do plan to have an even greater variety as I do this podcast. Click below for my talk with Chris:

Luke LeBlanc visits The Corners for a night of awesome talk and music

Minnesota-based artist Luke LeBlanc drops by The Corners to discuss his songwriting process, performing and those who inspired him including the great Bob Dylan. Click the box below to view on YouTube or visit Spotify or Spreaker to download the audio of the episode.