TFTC with Bob Nebel

TFTC with Bob Nebel

From the conversations in my corner of the world to yours. I'm a journalist who has interviewed a range of musicians, artists, business professionals, travel experts and more. In this podcast, I speak with today's premiere talent in music, art, comedy, drama and more! From singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists to directors, producers and sketch artists, I speak with them all, going well behind their creations and ideas to discover just what inspires those who entertain, innovate, inspire and change the world with their gifts. Join me in The Corners for great talk, music and amazing insights.

Recent Episodes

Dave Martinez from the Big Peach Running Company - Part Two

March 20, 2023

In this two-part interview, Big Peach Running Company's Dave Martinez speaks with me about overall fitness, running, cycling and just what do Big Peach Running stores offer.

Dave Martinez from the Big Peach Running Company - Part One

March 6, 2023

Dave Martinez, the Director of Marketing for the Big Peach Running Company joins me to talk about running, cycling, trail + road races as well as triathlons and even video production.

Beth B. Moore, Entertainment Attorney

Feb. 20, 2023

She rose to become one of Georgia’s premier entertainment attorneys. Beth B. Moore joins me to talk about guiding clients in the challenging world of showbiz.

Rapper/Activist/Mentor Mr. Hubb

Feb. 6, 2023

At the age of nine, Al-Tariq Best was already making music. Several years later, Al-Tariq became Mister Hubb, a premier Rapper and Certified Victim Advocate. Mister Hubb joins me to talk about his past, present and future as…

Emory Morsberger

Jan. 23, 2023

He is the CEO of an Atlanta-area-based revitalization group, but recently, Emory Morsberger had a higher calling: helping those in need in Ukraine. Join me as I speak with Emory about how he became involved in Ukraine.

A Chat With Tyler Cohenour of Royal Sugar

Jan. 9, 2023

Musicians Tyler Cohenour and Garrett Carr met in college + discovered that they would make a great team in the music business. They later formed the band, Royal Sugar, who are out with their single, “Fleeting Love.” I speak …