TFTC with Bob Nebel

TFTC with Bob Nebel

From the conversations in my corner of the world to yours. I'm a journalist who has interviewed a range of musicians, artists, business professionals, travel experts and more. In this podcast, I speak with today's premiere talent in music, art, comedy, drama and more! From singer-songwriters, multi-instrumentalists to directors, producers and sketch artists, I speak with them all, going well behind their creations and ideas to discover just what inspires those who entertain, innovate, inspire and change the world with their gifts. Join me in The Corners for great talk, music and amazing insights.

Recent Episodes


Aug. 1, 2022

Avarin is the latest sensation out of Mumbai, India. His new single "Come A Little Closer" has reached over one million YouTube views. I speak with this Uber-talented performer/singer-songwriter/producer about his latest suc…

Beau Nair

July 25, 2022

Singer-Songwriter-Musician Beau Nair was born to dope smugglers in a seedy motel off of Highway 66. A legend was born! I speak with Beau about his life growing up and his creation of mixing Country with Funk - which Beau cal…

Rudy Touzet Singer Songwriter Performer

July 18, 2022

Rudy Touzet is an up and coming pop superstar who is out with a number of singles including "Goodnight Moon," "Take It As A Win," "Runaway," "I Don't Know" + more! We chat about songwriting, creating records and the future. …

Jason Lee McKinney

July 4, 2022

I speak with Dr. Jason Lee McKinney of The Jason Lee McKinney band about their latest album, "One Last Time," his early influences including Prince, working in Nashvile + much, much more! Check it out.

Haley Smalls, Singer-Songwriter from Toronto

June 20, 2022

Haley Smalls has made a name for herself as a classically-trained Singer-Songwriter. She is out with an incredible video called, "Do Better," and is working on her fifth project titled, "Until This." Listen to our lively tal…

Nancy Deckant from Discover Sooner

June 13, 2022

In 2020, Nancy Deckant started a business called Discover Sooner. The company is the world's first platform connecting songwriters so they can share their work - and get discovered sooner by publishers and managers looking f…