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Aug. 15, 2022

Houston Bernard

Singer-Songwriter Houston Bernard is an accomplished artist who has produced several LPs, EPs and singles over the past decade. Houston is out with an awesome single, "Hangover." We talk about the fun nature of that song, his deep family history,...

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Nov. 15, 2021

Jeff McCarty

Singer-Songwriter-Musician Jeff McCarty talks about his amazing solo career and working in Louisiana's LeRoux.

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Sept. 20, 2021

John McCutcheon Talks "Bucket List"

Singer-Songwriter-Musician John McCutcheon joins me again in The Corners to talk about his latest album titled, "Bucket List." This is John's 41st album! Check out our talk about the making of "Bucket List" and the return to live performing!

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Sept. 6, 2021

Chatting With Bluhauz

Singer-Songwriter-Musician Bluhauz joins me to talk about his self-titled debut album which features the hard-driving "Purify My Soul" single as well as its follow-ups "Give It Back," and "Everyday." We have a great time talking about his journey from...

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Aug. 22, 2021

Lara Hope from Lara Hope + The Ark-Tones

Singer-Songwriter-Musician Lara Hope joins me in The Corners to talk about her work in the band, Lara Hope And The Ark-Tones as well as the release of their third album, "Here To Tell The Tale."

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Aug. 2, 2021

Guitarist-Singer-Songwriter Ricky Byrd

Ricky Byrd was Joan Jett's guitarist in The Blackhearts, helping to score huge hits like "I Love Rock 'N Roll." Byrd was with The Blackhearts for a full decade before he embarked on a dynamic solo career. In addition to …

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July 26, 2021

Rebecca Loebe, Singer-Songwriter-Musician

From appearing on NBC's "The Voice" to an incredible solo career, Singer-Songwriter-Musician Rebecca Loebe talks about those successes as well as her latest work with the power trio known as Nobody's Girl. The trio is ready to release new music …

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July 12, 2021

Singer-Songwriter from Canada Bobby Parent

Canadian Singer-Songwriter-Musician Bobby Parent drops by The Corners to discuss his latest album, "Real Love" as well as his time growing up in Eastern Quebec and life in Ottawa.

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July 4, 2021

Cody Bolden, Georgia Singer/Songwriter/Musician

Singer-Songwriter-Musician Cody Bolden never imagined many years ago that he would find success in music. He picked up the guitar in his early twenties, found a love for the craft and never looked back. Today, Cody is wowing crowds all …

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June 28, 2021

James DiGirolamo Talks About 'Paper Boats'

Nashville-based artist James DiGirolamo joins me in The Corners to talk about his latest EP, "Paper Boats" and working on the project during the pandemic. We also talk about James' many inspirations including Sir Paul McCartney all the way to …

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June 7, 2021

Tarah Who?

Tarah Carpenter of the grunge punk duo, Tarah Who? speaks with me about her single, "Illusion of Freedom," creating dynamic videos, her story about coming to The States from France and much more!

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May 17, 2021

MJ Songstress

Singer/Songwriter/Dancer/Model, she has done it all: the amazing MJ Songstress joins me in The Corners! MJ's new hot single, "Carousel" has been lighting up the Internet with its amazing sound and video. MJ also competed on season six of NBC …

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March 22, 2021

Stephanie Phillips, Singer-Songwriter-Musician

Singer-Songwriter-Musician Stephanie Phillips talks about her music, recording career, social media presence and much more. We are also treated to some great music.

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Dec. 7, 2020

Singer/Songwriter John McCutcheon

Folk musician John McCutcheon stops by The Corners to speak about his latest project, "Cabin Fever." John recorded these songs during the early months of the COVID-19 pandemic while being holed up in a North Georgia cabin.

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